What is another word for prey?

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Prey refers to an animal that is hunted and killed by another for food. Synonyms for prey include quarry, game, kill, victim, target, and hunt. The word quarry is often used for animals that are hunted as sports or for pleasure. Game is another word that is used to describe wild animals that are hunted for sport or for food. Kill is a general term that can be used for both animals and humans. Victim refers to a person or animal that is harmed or injured by another. Target is often used in a military or law enforcement context. Hunt is a general term for the activity of searching for prey.

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How to use "Prey" in context?

Prey is an animal that is stalked and hunted by another creature. Predators are usually larger in size, have sharper teeth, and are faster on their feet. Prey usually hides and tries to run away from their predator, but sometimes they are caught and have to face the consequences. Prey can be a creature such as a mouse, rat, or bird, but sometimes it can be a human.

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