What is another word for prissy?

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Prissy is a word used to describe someone who is excessively concerned with their appearance and personal hygiene, often displaying a fastidious or fussy personality. It can be difficult to express this trait without using the word prissy, but some suitable synonyms include foppish, finicky, dainty, and persnickety. Other words to describe a prissy person might include dandyish, fastidious, meticulous, or prim. These adjectives can all be used to convey elements of prissiness, such as fussiness, pettiness, and a tendency to be overly concerned with appearances. By using these varied synonyms, writers and speakers can better convey the many nuances of prissy behavior and attitudes.

Synonyms for Prissy:

How to use "Prissy" in context?

Prissy is a word that is often used to describe someone who is too picky or who projects an image that they are too good for the world. The Oxford English Dictionary defines prissy as "haughty and scornful;showy or affectedly nice." Prissy often implies that the person is not standing up for themselves and is instead relying on others to act as their shield.

Homophones for Prissy:

  • Prissie.

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