What is another word for privileges?

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The word "privileges" refers to special rights or advantages enjoyed by an individual or group. Synonyms for "privileges" include perks, benefits, advantages, entitlements, exemptions, immunities, dispensations, and prerogatives. Perks and benefits indicate extra benefits that are afforded to an individual in addition to what is customary. Entitlements denote the rights that an individual or group is entitled to by law or custom. Exemptions refer to situations where an individual is released from the usual obligations or rules. Immunities are special protections offered to individuals or groups from harm or liability. Dispensations refer to the special treatment or exemption given to someone from a rule or obligation. Prerogatives are special rights and privileges associated with a particular position or station in life.

How to use "Privileges" in context?

Privilege is a word that is often associated with those who have a lot of power. It refers to the special treatment or advantage that is given to certain people or groups in a society. Privilege can be something that is given to someone because of their birth or because of their job. It can be something that people take for granted or something that they use to their advantage.

Some of the most common privileges are those that are granted to people because of their race, sex, or social class. In many cases, these privileges are unfair and lead to inequality. However, privilege can also be a valuable asset.

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