What is another word for pro posed?

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The term "proposed" refers to something that has been put forward for consideration or approval. There are several alternative words that can be used synonymously with the term "proposed." Some of these include suggested, recommended, planned, intended, and suggested. Each of these words conveys the same meaning as proposed but offers a slightly different nuance depending on the context. "Suggested" implies that an idea or solution has been offered for consideration, while "recommended" suggests that the idea or solution is being given a seal of approval. "Planned" implies that there is a definite course of action being taken, while "intended" suggests that there is a specific purpose or goal in mind. "Suggested" is a softer alternative to "proposed," while "recommended" is a stronger alternative that implies a higher degree of endorsement or support.

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The proposed constitutional amendment is a long-term goal of the Libertarian Party. The amendment would end the Electoral College and give all votes to the president, regardless of state population. The Libertarian Party argues that this would more accurately reflect the popular vote, and would lead to more effective governance. The amendment has been proposed in various forms since the early 19th century, but has never been adopted.

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