What is another word for pro rata?

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Pro rata, meaning "proportionally," has several synonyms that express the same concept. One of them is "proportional," which denotes an equitable distribution based on the relative share of each party involved. Another alternative is "proportional to the amount," indicating that the allocation is in direct proportion to the size of the object in question. "Proportional share," likewise, refers to the amount that each member of a group or organization is entitled to receive. Finally, "pro rated" is another synonym for pro rata, indicating a calculation or allocation of something, such as payment, that is based on a specific percentage or ratio.

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    How to use "Pro rata" in context?

    Pro rata is a legal term that means "according to share." In a dissolution of marriage or separation action, pro rata means that each spouse is entitled to an equal share of marital assets. This means that, based on how much each spouse contributed to the marriage, each spouse is to receive an equivalent share of marital property. This includes all property acquired during the marriage, regardless of when it was acquired.

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