What is another word for pro scribes?

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Pro scribes are individuals typically skilled in the art of writing. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of the term pro scribes. Firstly, the word wordsmith is often used to describe someone who is proficient in writing. Another term commonly used is penman, which can sometimes be used to refer to someone who is extremely skilled in handwriting. One may also use the word scrivener to describe someone who is adept at writing. Additionally, the phrase calligrapher can be used to refer to someone who specializes in artful handwriting. Overall, these synonyms can be used interchangeably with the term pro scribes to describe skilled writers or calligraphers.

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How to use "Pro scribes" in context?

Pro scribes are a specialized group of documentarians that document, archive, and preserve important artifacts of history. Pro scribes are essential to the historical record.

Documentarians that work as pro scribes are typically historians, librarians, archivists, or museum professionals that specialize in document and archival preservation. Their training and experience in archiving and managing collections makes them the ideal individuals to record, collect, and preserve historical artifacts.

The job of a pro scribe is to preserve historical artifacts by recording, collecting, and storing any and all documents or artifacts that could potentially have future historical value.

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