What is another word for pro-found?

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Profound is a powerful word that denotes deep and intellectual understanding. There are several synonyms for this word, such as thoughtful, insightful, significant, meaningful, deep-seated, or intelligent. Each word has its own unique meaning and can be used in context to convey different emotions and thoughts. For instance, if you want to highlight the emotional impact of something, you can use a word like poignant or moving. Similarly, if you want to convey an intellectual understanding, you can use a word like insightful or astute. Synonyms for profound provide us with a diverse range of options to express our ideas and thoughts effectively.

Synonyms for Pro-found:

How to use "Pro-found" in context?

What does the term "pro-found" mean?

In general, it is a description of a person or thing that is very serious and considered to be deeply involved in whatever they are doing or thinking.

In the world of archaeology, "pro-found" describes a person or archaeological excavation who is committed to conducting the most thorough investigations possible in order to learn as much as possible about an archaeological site. They strive to identify omissions and inaccuracies in previous archaeological excavation reports in order to correct them and further improve the quality of the research.

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