What is another word for proceedings?

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Proceedings can be defined as the events or actions that take place during a particular process or event. There are various alternative words that have the same meaning as proceedings. These include proceedings, activities, actions, affairs, conduct, dealings, happenings, performance, procedure, progress, transaction, and operations. Each of these words can be used interchangeably with proceedings depending on the context. For instance, the word procedure is commonly used in the context of legal proceedings. On the other hand, activities and happenings may be used in the context of events that take place during a social gathering. Ultimately, the choice of word will depend on the specific context and the intended meaning.

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The proceedings of the IEEE can be a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners interested in electrical and computer engineering. The journal publishes 22 issues a year, including research papers, conference proceedings, and other technical papers. Topics covered in the journal include but are not limited to bus networks, computer graphics, data compression, energy harvesting, embedded systems, intelligent automation, materials science and engineering, and robotics.

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