What is another word for procession?

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The word "procession" refers to a sequence of people or things moving forward in an orderly manner. There are several synonyms for this word that have similar meanings, including parade, march, lineup, column, file, caravan, convoy, cortege, and train. A parade usually involves a celebratory event or demonstration, while a march typically carries a political or social message. A lineup is often used in the context of police or criminal proceedings, while a column or file is commonly associated with military operations. A caravan or convoy suggests a group of vehicles or travelers moving together, while a cortege typically refers to a funeral procession. A train usually involves a sequence of vehicles or carriages connected together and moving in the same direction.

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How to use "Procession" in context?

Procession is an interesting term that has multiple meanings. Originally conceived as a vehicle or means of transport for the dead, a procession can now also signify a whole group of people moving together in a formal or ceremonial setting. Depending on the context, a procession might be accompanied by music, banners, and other decorations, making it an exceedingly festive event.

Procession is often closely associated with religion and spirituality, as it is a way for groups of people to commemorate a loved one or raise awareness for a cause. Processions can also be used to honour important historical figures or celebrate special occasions.

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