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Procurators are individuals who are responsible for managing legal and financial matters. They are sometimes also referred to as attorneys, advocates, or solicitors. Other synonyms for procurators include lawyers, legal representatives, and attorneys-at-law. They can also be called counsels or barristers, depending on the country where they practice. In certain jurisdictions, procurators are known as notaries or public officials who witness and certify legal documents. In the corporate world, procurators may be referred to as in-house counsel or general counsels if they work for a specific company. Whatever term is used, procurators are essential in ensuring that legal and financial affairs are handled correctly and efficiently.

How to use "Procurators" in context?

Procurators are legal professionals who are appointed to represent the interests of a client in court. Procurators are often employed by the government or by private attorneys. They may represent a client in a civil case, a criminal case, or a matter before a tribunal. In some jurisdictions, procurators are also responsible for conducting investigations into alleged crimes.

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