What is another word for profuseness?

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[ pɹəfjˈuːznəs], [ pɹəfjˈuːznəs], [ p_ɹ_ə_f_j_ˈuː_z_n_ə_s]

Profuseness is defined as an excessive or abundant amount. Synonyms for profuseness include lavishness, extravagance, copiousness, abundance, superabundance, excess, overflow, plenty, bounty, and plethora. Lavishness refers to the act of spending more than what is necessary or required. Extravagance implies spending money on something unnecessarily or frivolously. Copiousness refers to a large amount or quantity of something. Abundance is a state of having more than enough of something. Superabundance implies an excess of something to the point of being overwhelming. Excess means going beyond the usual or necessary limit. Overflow means an excess amount of something that spills or pours over. Plenty refers to a sufficient or ample amount of something. Bounty implies an abundant supply of something that is given freely. And lastly, plethora means an excess of something.

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    How to use "Profuseness" in context?

    Profuseness is the quality or state of being very abundant or numerous. It can refer to the quantity, kind, or extent of something. Being profuse can be annoying or amusing. For example, someone who talks excessively often might be annoying to other people, but may also be considered to be very outgoing and jovial. Conversely, someone who is very sparing with words may be respected for their considered speech, even though they may not have as much to say.

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