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The word "prologue" refers to an opening section of a literary or theatrical work which introduces the theme, characters, and setting. Synonyms for "prologue" include preface, introduction, preamble, opening, foreword, and proem. A preface generally serves as an introductory statement that provides insight into the author's intent and background. An introduction is typically a brief overview of what the text is about. In contrast, a preamble is a formal statement that sets forth the reasons for the subsequent text. The words opening, foreword, and proem denote an introductory part of a literary work that precedes the main text. Overall, each of these synonyms for "prologue" serve to introduce the main text and provide the reader with context.

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Our story begins with a young woman, Conner, who is going through the ups and downs of her freshman year of college. She's balancing studying for rigorous classes with fitting in and making new friends. After balancing her plate for a few weeks, Conner finally has enough time to herself. Unfortunately, her break from school is cut short when she is called into her professor's office to discuss a graded paper she submitted.

Confused and worried, Conner enters the office to discover that her paper was not graded properly and she has been "sent home" for the rest of the semester.

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