What is another word for promontory?

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A promontory is a high area of land that juts out into a body of water, commonly used to describe coastal cliffs and headlands. There are many words that can be used as synonyms for promontory, including bluff, cape, head, headland, offshore bar, peninsula, point, ridge, and spur. Bluff is a steep cliff or bank, while a cape is a point of land extending into a body of water. Head, or headland, is a high point of land that extends into a body of water, while a peninsula is a piece of land almost entirely surrounded by water. Point is used for a narrow piece of land that juts out into the sea, and ridge and spur are used for elevated terrain.

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    Promontory is an isolated spot, a point of land projecting from a larger body of water, or a high bluff or headland. Promontory can also refer to a notable landmark, as in a promontory column or promontory reef. Promontory notes for Bermuda are generally in the range of 20-60 US cents per $1,000, with much higher values on larger, more popular islands.

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