What is another word for promulgation?

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Promulgation means the act of making a new rule or law known to the public. This word is commonly used in legal contexts and is often used to describe the announcement or publication of a new law or regulation. Some common synonyms for the word promulgation include proclamation, announcement, declaration, publication, dissemination, and circulation. These words all refer to the act of making something known to a wider audience or the public. Other related words that may be used interchangeably with promulgation include the words release, distribution, circulation, and dissemination. Overall, these synonyms convey the same idea that a new law or regulation is being made public.

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How to use "Promulgation" in context?

"promulgation" means to make public an act or proclamation. It is the act of giving official sanction or authorization to something. It is also the act of making known or bringing to public knowledge.

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