What is another word for proprietorship?

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Proprietorship is a legal term that refers to the ownership of a business by a single individual. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe this same type of ownership structure. Some common synonyms for proprietorship include sole proprietorship, individual ownership, single ownership, and personal ownership. Another similar term is a partnership, which is when two or more individuals own and operate a business together. However, proprietorship is specifically used to describe a business owned and operated by a single person. Regardless of the specific term used, proprietorship is a common ownership structure for small businesses and individuals looking to start their own venture.

How to use "Proprietorship" in context?

When you start a new business, what will be at the center of your focus? Assuming you are not a professional entrepreneur, you will likely put a lot of thought and effort into the business itself: the product or service you are offering, the way you are marketing it, the way you are pricing it, and all the rest. But, what about the people who will be working for you?

Unless you are dealing with a mom-and-pop shop, you will need to consider the role of the proprietor in business.

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