What is another word for proximate?

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Proximate means close or nearby, and there are several synonyms for this word that can be used in different contexts. Near, adjacent, immediate, and next are all great substitutes for proximate. Other synonyms for proximate include close by, near at hand, and adjoining. Additionally, phrases such as within range, within reach, and immediate vicinity can also be used as synonyms for proximate. These synonyms can be applied in various situations such as describing the location of an object or person, indicating a relationship, or even when discussing time frames. Using these synonyms can enhance language and express ideas more comprehensively.

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How to use "Proximate" in context?

The proximate definition of a word is "near to the point of reference," while the remote definition is "far away." In terms of meaning, proximate typically refers to things that are closer to us, while remote typically refers to things that are further away. For example, proximate would be to say that the sun was proximate to the earth, while remote would be to say that the sun was in space.

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