What is another word for pubescent?

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Pubescent is a word used to describe the adolescent phase of development in humans. However, there are many synonyms for the term pubescent, such as teenage, adolescent, juvenile, growing, and developing. These words denote a state of growth and change in an individual's life. The word juvenile often refers to a person in their teenage years, whereas adolescent refers to a person in their early twenties. Growing and developing are more general terms that describe the physical and emotional changes associated with puberty. In essence, these words all convey a sense of transition and transformation that marks the onset of adulthood.

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How to use "Pubescent" in context?

As we enter into puberty our bodies do amazing things. Our hormones start to create changes in all parts of our body, including our reproductive system.

This is a time of growth and change for most people. Puberty is a time when your body begins to change in all kinds of wonderful ways.

Some changes may be noticeable right away, like an increase in muscle mass and bone density. Others, like a change in hormones, may take a little longer to surface.

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