What is another word for puffy?

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The word "puffy" can be used to describe something that is swollen, inflated, or bulging. Some synonyms for this term include bloated, distended, swollen, bulging, swollen, and ballooning. These words are often used to describe physical conditions such as oedema or inflammation, but they can also be used to describe other things, such as pillows or clothing that are fluffy or overstuffed. Other related terms include plump, chubby, and marshmallow-like - which all describe an excess of round, soft, and pillowy material. Whether referring to a physical attribute or a more abstract concept, the word "puffy" provides plenty of associated synonyms to choose from.

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How to use "Puffy" in context?

"puffy" is a word that most people have heard at one point or another. For some, the word may conjure up images of a Balloon Boy, while others may think of something more benign, like a pillow. But what is the word "puffy", and where did it come from?

The word "puffy" historically comes from the Old French word "pouf", which means "a soft and inflated object, typically a ball or billiard ball". The word likely passed into English through the French language, and was first recorded in the 14th century.

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