What is another word for pulp?

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Pulp is a versatile word with various meanings. It may mean the soft, moist, and shapeless part of fruits or vegetables, or it might be an abbreviation of the "pulpy" publication regarded as cheap and sensational. If you're looking for synonyms for pulp, you might consider phrases such as mush, puree, flesh, jam, or marmalade. In the context of writing, pulp might mean fiction in the style of authors like Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett, and so synonyms could include the terms crime fiction, noir, or hardboiled. Whatever context you're working in, accurate synonyms for pulp will help to strengthen your writing and make your meanings clearer.

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    Pulp is a versatile, organic and sustainable papermaking material made from wood, paper mill waste and other recycled materials. Pulp is an excellent candidate for renewable energy, since it can be used to produce electricity and heat. Pulp has other valuable applications, including creating composites, insulation materials and vehicle plastics.

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