What is another word for punitive?

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Punitive means relating to or involving punishment. Some of the synonyms for the word punitive include disciplinary, corrective, retaliatory, penalizing, retributive, vindictive, and avenging. Each of these synonyms has its own unique connotations and can be used to describe various situations in which punishment is necessary. For instance, disciplinary is often used to describe actions taken against employees who have violated a company's policies, while retaliatory suggests a response to an attack or offense. Vindictive, on the other hand, implies a desire for revenge, while corrective suggests a desire to correct the behavior of the offending party. Overall, these synonyms provide us with a range of vocabulary to describe the act of punishment in different contexts.

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    parenting behaviors

    punitive parenting behaviors are intentionally and forcibly imposing a punitive measure on a child as a form of discipline. The use of corporal punishment is the most common type of punitive parenting behavior, but can also include such things as withholding privileges, grounding, and verbal and emotional abuse.

    Punitive parenting can also be a way for parents to deal with anger and frustration. However, it can have negative consequences for both the child and the parents. Punitive parenting can lead to increased anger and aggression in the child, decreased academic performance and peer relationships, and a decreased sense of self-worth.

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