What is another word for puritanical?

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Puritanical is a term commonly used to describe a strict adherence to moral principles, often associated with an overly austere and rigid lifestyle. Synonyms for this term include prudish, moralistic, ascetic, austere, strait-laced, and rigid. These words all convey a sense of strict morality and a conservative approach to lifestyle choices. Other synonyms include conservative, traditionalist, and conformist, which relate more specifically to adherence to established norms and traditions. Overall, these synonyms capture the essence of puritanical attitudes towards morality, characterizing a rigid, disciplined approach to life that values self-control and piety above all else.

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    How to use "Puritanical" in context?

    The word "puritanical" is often used to describe people who are excessively moral. These people are often intolerant of different lifestyles and beliefs. They often think that their own way of life is the only right way.

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