What is another word for pursuant?

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Pursuant can be replaced with numerous words, depending on the context it is being used in. Some of the synonyms for the term are following, accordingly, in accordance with, in conformity with, in agreement with, consistent with, adhering to, obeying, fulfilling, and observing. Each of these synonyms highlights the idea of being in accordance with something or following a particular course of action. They can be used interchangeably with pursuing in most cases and can add diversity to any piece of writing. Therefore, it is crucial to know the synonyms of the word "pursuit" to make writing expressive and engaging.

Synonyms for Pursuant:

How to use "Pursuant" in context?

Pursuant is a word meaning "following or going along with" or "resulting from" or "proceeding from." It is used in legal and regulatory contexts to refer to a document, an act, or a rule that is issued as a result of an event. Pursuant to state law, new businesses are required to file a Certificate of Formation with the state, and a copy of the Certificate is also included in the business's permanent file.

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