What is another word for put forth?

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[ pˌʊt fˈɔːθ], [ pˌʊt fˈɔːθ], [ p_ˌʊ_t f_ˈɔː_θ]

Put forth is a phrasal verb that means to make an effort, to propose something, or to present an idea or argument. However, there are many synonyms for put forth that can add variety to your writing. For example, you could use terms like offer, submit, advance, suggest, advocate, or present. Other options include proposing, promoting, encouraging, recommending, or introducing. Additionally, you could embrace more informal language by using phrases like throw out or lay out. No matter which synonym you choose, make sure it fits the context of your writing and helps you to convey your message more effectively.

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    Synonyms for Put forth:

    How to use "Put forth" in context?

    Put forth is used when you are urging someone to do something. It is often used in the phrase "put your energy forth.

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