What is another word for putative?

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The term "putative" has several synonyms that help convey its meaning in different contexts. These synonyms include apparent, supposed, alleged, presumptive, and hypothetical. When discussing a putative leader, one might use terms like claimed, supposed, or rumored to describe their status. In a legal sense, a putative marriage could also be referred to as a presumed marriage. In scientific or medical contexts, a putative mechanism might be called a hypothetical mechanism. Regardless of the context, using synonyms for putative can help to clarify meaning and convey a sense of uncertainty or conjecture.

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    The word "putative" can be used to describe a noun or a pronoun that is believed to be a real thing, but has not yet been formally identified. For example, the scientist working on the latest research project is reportedly using a putative new virus to study. Alternatively, the speaker could be referring to their neighbour, Jane, who they believe is putting flowers in their garden despite the fact that she never does this.

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