What is another word for qabalah?

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[ kˈabalə], [ kˈabalə], [ k_ˈa_b_a_l_ə]

Qabalah, also spelled Kabbalah, is a mystical and esoteric tradition that originated in Judaism. This word has many synonyms and related terms, including Jewish mysticism, Esoteric Judaism, the Tree of Life, and Hermetic Qabalah. These terms all refer to the same mystic tradition that seeks to understand and interpret the hidden meanings of the Torah and other Jewish texts. The Qabalah is often associated with practices like meditation, numerology, and ritualistic mysticism. These practices are meant to help practitioners achieve a greater understanding and connection with the divine. The Qabalah has had a significant influence on Jewish and Western mystical thinking and continues to be studied and practiced by many people around the world today.

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How to use "Qabalah" in context?

The qabalah is a mystical system of thought whose origins may date back as far as the Bible. It is based on symbolism and is used to explore the spiritual world. There are many variations of the qabalah, but all its principles are aimed at helping people connect with their own innermost selves.

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