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Qandahar, also known as Kandahar, is the second largest city in Afghanistan and has several synonyms that are commonly used. The Pashto language refers to Qandahar as Kandahar, which means "place of wheat," while in Dari, it is referred to as Qandahar. Other synonyms for Qandahar include Gandomak, Miranzai, and Nasirabad. These names are also sometimes used to refer to surrounding districts and neighborhoods within Qandahar. The city has a rich history, with ancient monuments like the Citadel of Alexander the Great, and is also known for its pomegranates, grapes, and almonds.

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    Qandahar is a province located in southern Afghanistan. The province has a population of about 447,000. The province is considered one of the wealthiest in Afghanistan.

    Qandahar was once an important city in the ancient Persian Empire. The city was known as Kandahar and was one of the most important cities in the region. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1722. The city was rebuilt and became an important center of trade. The city was captured by Afghan forces in 1731 and became part of the Afghan Empire. The city was captured by the British in 1839 and became part of British India.

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