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QC, short for Quality Control, is a crucial process in ensuring product quality. Synonyms for QC include quality assurance, quality management, quality testing, and inspection. These terms are often used interchangeably but have slight differences in focus. Quality assurance is the process of ensuring that the products meet customer expectations and are free from defects, while quality testing emphasizes the testing of the product features to ensure they meet the standard requirements. Quality management covers end-to-end quality improvement, including planning, implementing and monitoring quality processes, while inspection focuses on verifying product quality through physical examination. Regardless, all these synonyms refer to the systematic monitoring of product quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

How to use "QC" in context?

Quality control is a process that is used in various industries in order to ensure that products meet certain standards of quality. The goal of quality control is to identify and correct errors before they cause a product to reach the customer.

The various stages of quality control are prevention, detection, investigation, and corrective action. Prevention is the stage during which errors are identified and eliminated. Detection is the stage during which errors are found and reproduced. Investigation is the stage during which the cause of the error is determined. Corrective action is the stage during which the error is corrected.

Quality control begins with the identification of basic quality objectives.

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