What is another word for qiang?

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The Chinese word "qiang" has several meanings and can be translated into various English synonyms depending on the context. In the context of "qiang" as a noun, it can be translated as "wall," "fort," "bastion," or "rampart." In the context of "qiang" as an adjective, it can be translated as "strong," "sturdy," "resolute," "forceful," or "firm." In Traditional Chinese Medicine, "qiang" can refer to the body's protective qi or immune system. Therefore, it can also be translated as "resilience," "vitality," or "endurance." Understanding the diverse meanings and translations of "qiang" is important for effective communication in Chinese and English.

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    Qiang is a general term for any large and often edible wild bird, particularly a modern one.

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        Chiang, keung, wai-keung, eng-kiong.

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