What is another word for quamash?

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[ kwˈamaʃ], [ kwˈamaʃ], [ k_w_ˈa_m_a_ʃ]

Quamash is a plant species native to North America, also known as camas or camassia in some regions. This edible plant has been traditionally used by Indigenous communities for food, medicine, and cultural practices. However, there are some regional differences in naming this plant. For example, in the Pacific Northwest, it is commonly known as camas, while in the Great Plains, it is referred to as soaproot or wild hyacinth. In some areas, it may also be called deer's onions or Indian hyacinth. These regional synonyms highlight the diverse linguistic and cultural heritage that characterizes the Americas, and the importance of recognizing and preserving traditional knowledge and practices.

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How to use "Quamash" in context?

Quamash is a smelly, slimy, freshwater fish found in the Great Lakes region and in the St. Lawrence River. It has an elongated body and squarish head. Quamash have a dorsal fin that stands out from the body and a pair of adipose fins located near their tails. They inhabit slow moving water in and around lakes, ponds and rivers. Quamash are preyed on by larger fish and can be found in areas with a lot of vegetation. They are also used as baitfish in fishing nets.

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