What is another word for rabbits?

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Rabbits are a popular and beloved animal, and as such, they have a variety of different names and synonyms. Some of these include bunny, hare, cottontail, jackrabbit, and lapin. Each of these names may refer to slightly different breeds or species of rabbits, but all of them share the same basic characteristics of being small, fluffy, and adorable. Rabbits have long been associated with Easter and other springtime holidays, making them a cultural icon in many countries around the world. Whether you call them rabbits, bunnies, or hares, these little critters are sure to put a smile on your face.

How to use "Rabbits" in context?

Rabbits are cute little animals that are often kept as pets. They are relatively easy to care for and are known for their playful nature. most rabbits will live for around six years, although some can reach the age of 10 or more.

Rabbits are social animals and need to be kept in pairs or groups of at least two if they are to be healthy. They should have a litter box and plenty of hay to eat and avoid over-crowding. As with all pets, rabbits should be supervised when they are not being kept in a closed space.

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