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The word "rachis" refers to the main axis or stem of a plant or a spine in an animal. There are several synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably depending on the context of use. Some common synonyms for "rachis" include axis, spine, backbone, stem, central vein, and support. The term "axis" is often used in reference to the central part of a plant such as the stem or trunk. "Spine" and "backbone" are commonly used in reference to the skeletal structure of animals. "Stem" and "central vein" are both used in reference to the vascular structure of plants. Finally, "support" can be used to refer to any structure providing support for an organism.

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    Rachis is a dense array of spindles that arises from the megaspore under the leadership of the apical meristem. The spindles elongate and thicken until the thin, ribbon-like rachis is formed.

    The rachis gives the leaves their characteristic twisted appearance. Rachises also arise from the root system and support the stem.

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