What is another word for racist?

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Racism is a serious issue and people who discriminate on the basis of race need to be called out for their behavior. However, the word "racist" is often overused or misused, which can dilute its impact. If you're looking for means to describe discriminatory behavior without using the word "racist", you might use phrases like "prejudiced", "biased", or "intolerant". Other alternatives include "discriminatory" or "bigoted". By utilizing these synonyms, you can prevent the term "racist" from becoming a cliche while still accurately describing the kind of unacceptable behavior that should not be tolerated.

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    How to use "Racist" in context?

    Racism is a type of discrimination or prejudice against someone based on their race or ethnicity. The term can also refer to the institutionalized policies and practices that produce and maintain such discrimination. Racism can be found in all cultures and societies, and it often involves the discrimination of members of different races.

    Racism can take many forms. Some examples of racism include the abuse, exploitation, and relegation of people based on their skin color. Racism can also take the form of beliefs that one race is superior to others, or that certain races are inherently inferior.

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