What is another word for radiology?

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Radiology refers to the branch of medicine that uses imaging techniques to diagnose and treat various health conditions. Some synonyms of radiology include medical imaging, diagnostic imaging, radiography, radiologic technology, and radiodiagnosis. Medical imaging is a technique used to view the internal structures of the body for diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of medical conditions. Diagnostic imaging involves the use of different imaging modalities such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and ultrasound to help diagnose diseases. Radiography is the use of X-rays to create an image that helps diagnose medical conditions. Radiologic technology is a field of work that specializes in the use of radiation to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Radiodiagnosis is the interpretation of medical images to diagnose and treat medical conditions.

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    How to use "Radiology" in context?

    Radiology is the science that uses X-ray and other imaging techniques to look inside the body. Radiologists use these images to diagnose medical conditions and to monitor the health of patients.

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