What is another word for rampart?

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The word "rampart" refers to a defensive wall or fortification that protects a city or castle. Some synonyms for "rampart" include fortification, wall, barrier, embankment, bulwark, stronghold, and bastion. These words all imply a sense of protection and defense, as well as being structures that are used to keep enemies at bay. Other related words include parapet, battlement, palisade, and barricade, which are all protective structures that can be used for defensive purposes. Whether used in literature, military strategy, or everyday language, these synonyms for "rampart" all convey the idea of safety and security in a dangerous world.

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    The rampart was a defensive wall or bulwark made of earth, stone, or some other material, employed in conjunction with natural obstacles (such as rivers or mountains) to repel invasion.

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