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Ration is a word that is commonly used when referring to the distribution of food or other essential commodities in limited quantities. It means to allocate or distribute something in a measured and controlled manner. Some synonyms for the word ration include "allotment," "share," "quota," and "apportionment." Other similar words could be "allowance," "portion," "division," "dispensation," or "parcel." These words reflect the idea of dividing resources into smaller parts to ensure that everyone receives a fair share. Whether it's in times of war, famine or scarcity, the idea of rationing is key to maintaining a sense of order and equity in the distribution of resources.

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    Rationing is the act of limiting the availability of goods, services, or both, as a measure to control the economic or social costs of a shortage. In times of emergency, rationing may also be used to ensure adequate sustenance for a population. Regulations or principles of rationing are often stated as a percentage of daily consumption.

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