What is another word for re quiring?

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Requiring is a term used to express the need or demand for a particular thing or action. It is an essential word used in various contexts like academics, business, and other fields requiring certain criteria to be met. There are several synonyms for the word requiring like necessitating, mandating, obliging, dictating, demanding, requesting, inspiring, compelling, and prompting, among others. The use of these synonyms can enhance the variety and richness of language and improve written and verbal communication skills. Therefore, understanding the synonyms of the word requiring is essential to convey the requisite message more expressively and elegantly.

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Synonyms for Re quiring:

How to use "Re quiring" in context?

Requiring something is a request that someone do something. For example, your boss might require that you attend a meeting tomorrow. Sometimes, we need to ask for something in order to get it. Other times, we may need to say that we require something in order to make sure that something happens.

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