What is another word for re-deeming?

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"Redeeming" is a word that connotes the act of saving, restoring, or compensating for something that has gone wrong or been negatively impacted. Some synonyms for "redeeming" include "restorative", "compensatory", "reparative", "recompensing", and "rehabilitative." "Restorative" describes something that has the power or ability to return someone or something to a former or healthier state. "Compensatory" refers to making up for a loss or deficiency by providing an equivalent in value or effort. "Reparative" suggests repairing or fixing something that has been damaged or broken. "Recompensing" implies compensating or rewarding someone for their efforts or contributions. And "rehabilitative" pertains to the process of restoring someone or something to a functional, healthy, or productive state.

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