What is another word for re-gard?

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"Re-gard" is a term that means to consider, take into account, or think about. There are various synonyms for "re-gard" which include contemplate, weigh, ponder, examine, review, scrutinize, assess, observe, regard, and pay attention. All these words depict the idea of thinking about something attentively or taking into account a particular aspect. For example, if you are considering buying a new car, you may need to scrutinize different models and review the features, prices, and other essential factors that will help you make an informed decision. The synonyms of "re-gard" come in handy when you need to analyze situations, plan strategically, or make important decisions.

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    Synonyms for Re-gard:

    How to use "Re-gard" in context?

    When we think about the word "re-gard," we might think about taking notice of something or giving it additional attention. We might also think about how we would behave if we were to come across something or someone in a particular situation.

    When we re-gard something, we usually do it out of a sense of care or respect. This can be for something we think is important or for someone or something we think is vulnerable.

    Sometimes, re-garding something might involve fixing or repairing it. This can be done out of a desire to make things right or to make things work better.

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