What is another word for re-mains?

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When it comes to the term "remains," it indicates something that is left over, or that which is leftover, after the completion of a particular process. Some common synonyms that can be used in place of "remains" include residues, leftovers, debris, scraps, remnants, or traces. These terms could refer to different materials depending on the context of use. For example, the word "residues" could indicate the remnants of a particular chemical process, "leftovers" could be associated with food products, and "debris" could imply wreckage from a disaster or construction site. The term "Trace" could refer to a small or insignificant amount of something. These words can be used interchangeably when referring to the leftover parts of something.

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Though common throughout history, the practice of cremation has recently come under fire for its environmental impact. Cremation, or the burning of a deceased person's body, costs more than burial, and it releases more than twice the emissions of a burial. In fact, the World Health Oragnization has classified cremation as a "major public health hazard."

Given the costs and environmental concerns, it seems reasonable that cremation would be on the decline.

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