What is another word for re-start?

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If you need to start again, there are plenty of synonyms for "re-start" that can get you going. You could "begin anew," "commence afresh," or "start from scratch." Other options include "reboot," "reinitiate," or "resume." If you're looking to pick up where you left off, you might "continue," "pick up again," or "carry on." For a more formal alternative to "re-start," consider using "recommence," "restore," or "reestablish." No matter which synonym you choose, remember that the important thing is to keep moving forward and not to let setbacks get you down.

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How to use "Re-start" in context?

It's hard to think of anything that feels better than starting fresh after a tough day. That's why we love celebrations - they give us a chance to start again and be happy. When we re-start our day, we're inspired to face each new sunrise with new energy and creativity.

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