What is another word for re-structuring?

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Restructuring refers to changing or improving the organization of a company, institution, or entity. Synonyms for restructuring include reorganization, realignment, reengineering, revamp, systemic change, reform, overhaul, transformation, and renovation. These terms imply that there is a need for change that can be beneficial to the business or organization in question. Restructuring can come in different forms such as downsizing, merging, acquiring, selling, or simply repositioning. When a firm or institution is restructuring, it is attempting to reorganize its operations to achieve greater efficiency, financial stability, and competitiveness. While it can be a challenging process, it is necessary for businesses to undergo restructuring occasionally to remain relevant and viable in a rapidly changing market.

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When it comes to business restructuring, there are a few key things that any organization should be aware of. Principally, the goal of restructuring is to optimize the organization by creating a more effective and efficient structure. There are a number of different ways that restructuring can help an organization achieve its goals.

First and foremost, restructuring can help an organization reduce costs. This can be accomplished through better organization of resources, streamlined processes, and streamlined communication. Savings can also be achieved by streamlining the composition of an organization or by eliminating unnecessary functions.

Second, restructuring can help an organization improve its strategic vision.

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