What is another word for re-volutions?

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Revolutions are intense and often transformative events that change the course of history. Synonyms for the term 're-volutions' include upheaval, upheaving, uprising, uprising, revolt, insurrection, rebellion, mutiny, coup, upheaval, and uprising. These words all describe movements that involve political or social change brought about by force or mass action. Whether it be a drastic upheaval of the status quo or a more gradual evolution towards reform, these words carry the connotation of dramatic change. The use of synonyms for 're-volutions' demonstrates the range of meaning and interpretation that can accompany historical events that can be seen as revolutionizing.

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How to use "Re-volutions" in context?

Every revolution involves a battle between old ideals and new ways of thinking. The old order must be overthrown before the new one can be established. To make this happen, the revolutionaries must be courageous and resourceful. They must be willing to ride against the winds of public opinion and stand up for what they believe in.

Rebels must also be willing to sacrifice everything in order to get their message out to the people. This can often mean enduring long periods of imprisonment or even death. Still, the ultimate victory is always worth the effort, as the new order can be a much more prosperous and just society.

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