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Reallocation refers to the process of reallocating or redistributing resources, assets, or funds from one place to another. There are various synonyms for the word reallocation, such as reassignment, redistribution, rearrangement, reorganization, transfer, relocation, and shifting. All these words imply the act of moving something from one place or use to another. Reassignment suggests transferring a person from one job to another. Redistribution implies giving out or sharing resources or funds. Rearrangement means changing the order or position of something. Similarly, reorganization implies restructuring of something. Transfer refers to moving something from one place to another, while relocation means moving to a new location. Lastly, shifting implies moving something slightly or changing its position or direction.

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Redistribution is a change or adjustment in the allocation of resources within an economy. The precise meaning of redistribution can be debated, with different economists inventing slightly different definitions. However, the general idea is that the allocation of resources, including opportunities, income, and wealth, needs to be adjusted in order to ensure that everyone in an economy has an equal chance to succeed. This can be done through a variety of mechanisms, such as taxes and subsidies, which direct funds to crucial sectors of the economy in order to create more equal opportunities.

There are countless examples of redistribution in the world today.

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