What is another word for rear-end?

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The phrase "rear-end" typically refers to an accident where one vehicle hits the back of another vehicle. However, there are other synonyms for this term that one can use while describing a road mishap, such as a rear collision, rear impact, or a tail-end collision. These synonyms help to describe the accident in a more precise and formal manner. Some other informal phrases that one can use to describe a rear-end accident include fender-bender, shunt, or bump. However, it is essential to consider the context and audience before using any of these terms to avoid causing offense or confusion.

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The rear end of a car is the last thing you want to break. It's the part of the car that contacts the ground and transfers the weight of the car. It's also the part of the car that contains the drivetrain. If something happens to the rear end of your car, it can be a costly repair. Here are some things to keep in mind when repairing the rear end of a car:

1. Make sure the car is properly aligned. rear-end repairs can be tricky if the car is out of alignment.

2. Make sure the rear end is properly lubricated.

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