What is another word for reassemble?

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Reassemble means to gather, put back together or reorganize. There are various synonyms for reassemble, including restructure, rebuild, reorganize, reconstitute, reconstruct, regather, rejoin, and reunite. Re-arrange, reassemble and rebuild are some of the interchangeable words that can be used in the context of arranging, construction, or organization. Rejoin refers to the act of reuniting broken parts again, whereas regather references the act of bringing things or people together, and reignites refers to the act of re-igniting or rekindling something. Regardless of the synonym used, the meaning is always the same: to bring the items, people, or organizational structure back together.

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How to use "Reassemble" in context?

I can always find something to do when I have a lot of time on my hands. I like to reassemble things I have broken or misplaced. I feel like I'm doing a good deed and make myself feel better. Sometimes I'll find things I misplaced a few days ago when I've been reorganizing my room.

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