What is another word for reconsidering?

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Reconsideration is another word for applying a second thought. There are several synonyms for reconsidering, such as rethinking, reviewing, reassessing, revising, reflecting, and analyzing. These words carry the same denotation yet slightly differ in their connotation. While reviewing implies taking a look at something to determine if it's good or bad, reassessing means revisiting a situation to gauge its worthiness. Rethinking refers to a more significant change in thought, while reflecting means to ponder. Analyzing suggests breaking down and assessing something to see its details. In any case, all of these words mean to reconsider, whether for reflecting on past decisions or assessing potential ones.

How to use "Reconsidering" in context?

When people think of the term "reconsideration," they might think of emotion or contemplation. But sometimes the only thing needed to reconsider something is a fresh perspective. Here are five ways to reconsider something:

1. Ask yourself new questions. Instead of thinking about what you want, try thinking about what you need.

2. Look at the situation from a different angle. Instead of trying to prove a point, try getting a new perspective.

3. Consider your options. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

4. Take a step back.

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