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Record - a word with multiple meanings, it can refer to a written or photographic proof of an event, history or accomplishment. Below mentioned are some of its synonyms that defines various meanings in a better way. 1. Evidence - used to refer to any factual proof of something, in the form of a written or photographic record. 2. Chronicle - refers to a detailed written account of events in chronological order. 3. Document - refers to a written or digital record that gives evidence or information about something. 4. Log - used to indicate a record of events, transactions or journeys in a chronological order. 5. Memoir - refers to a written personal account of someone's life, experiences or achievements. 6. Journal - denotes a written record of ideas, experiences, and observations kept on a regular basis.

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    Record is a tangible embodiment of sound or a sequence of symbols that describe the physical characteristics of an event. The oldest form of mechanical recording was the wax tablet, used in ancient Mesopotamia for cuneiform writing. Early civilizations used recordings of natural sounds, such as wind and rain, to compile records of weather patterns. By the early 19th century, the first recordings were made of human voice. Since the discovery of the phonograph in 1877, recordings have been made of music, speeches, natural sounds, and even the human motion of film.

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