What is another word for recusant?

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[ ɹɪkjˈuːsənt], [ ɹɪkjˈuːsənt], [ ɹ_ɪ_k_j_ˈuː_s_ə_n_t]

Recusant refers to someone who resists or opposes authority, especially on religious grounds. Synonyms for this word include dissenter, nonconformist, rebel, heretic, dissident, objector, maverick, and iconoclast. A dissenter is someone who disagrees with a prevailing opinion or stance. A nonconformist is someone who refuses to adhere to the norms or expectations of society. A rebel is someone who actively resists and challenges authority. A heretic is someone who holds opinions that deviate from established religious doctrine. A dissident is someone who speaks out against the government or ruling authority. An objector is someone who expresses opposition or disagreement with something. A maverick is someone who acts independently and unconventionally. An iconoclast is someone who rebels against traditional beliefs or institutions.

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    The word recusant is derived from the Latin word recusare, meaning "to refuse or abstain." Catholics who refused to take part in the religious ceremonies of the state Church were often called recusants. In modern English, the term is generally used to refer to people who refuse to take part in military service or any other public duty because of their religious beliefs.

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