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Redistribution refers to the process of transferring wealth, resources, or power from one group or entity to another. Synonyms for redistribution include reallocation, redistribution of wealth, redistribution of resources, redistribution of power, and resource sharing. These terms imply that resources are being moved from individuals or groups with excess to those who are in need. Other words related to redistribution include equitable distribution, fairness, social justice, wealth re-distribution, and progressive taxation. All of these terms emphasize the importance of creating a more equal and just society where all individuals have access to the resources they need to thrive.

How to use "Redistribution" in context?

In its simplest form, redistribution is the act of sharing a proportion of the income of a society or group of people more equitably than would otherwise be the case. It can also refer to the transfer of wealth from the wealthy to the less wealthy, either through direct cash payments or through taxes.

While there are many types of redistribution, the most common are financial and social. Financial redistribution refers to the redistribution of wealth through taxes and other financial levies. Social redistribution refers to the redistribution of wealth through public programs like Social Security, welfare, and healthcare.

The purpose of redistribution is generally twofold.

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