What is another word for reedlike?

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[ ɹˈiːdla͡ɪk], [ ɹˈiːdla‍ɪk], [ ɹ_ˈiː_d_l_aɪ_k]

Reedlike is an adjective used to describe something that resembles a reed, which is a tall, slender plant that grows in wet areas. Synonyms for reedlike might include slender, wiry, and thin. Other words that describe the same idea might include willowy, lithe, and lanky. All of these terms imply a certain degree of gracefulness and elegance, as well as a certain fragility or delicacy. Whether used to describe a person, a plant, or some other object, the word reedlike evokes a sense of lightness and movement that is hard to capture in other ways.

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Reedlike is a genus of bromeliads in the family Bromeliaceae. Eight species are accepted, distributed from Central America to South America. The genus includes a wide range of leaf and flower forms, including those with ordinary and reedlike foliage, and both vegetative and reproductive stems.

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